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Re: nutrients

Just thought I'd add a little to Tom's thoughts.

1. I would do what Tom recommended.

2. Don't worry about the algae.  Worry about the
plants.  The plants are missing something, in this
case nutrients.  With nutrients think macro (N and P)
vs. micro (TMG, Flourish).  If you have a high fish
load, and feed a lot, you will not have a deficiency
of N or P (maybe P, but I will let Tom argue that). 
So, it sounds like you need more micro.  Check out my
website or Chuck Gadd's website (his is probably
better, link on my site) for descriptions of nutrient
deficiencies.  Personally, I don't worry about Mg
that, or molybdenum this--I just pour in some more

3.  Don't look at the iron level to make your
decisions.  Look at the plants.  Some people find that
dosing iron separately is necessary.  I haven't (but
then again maybe all that beefheart I throw in has a
lot of iron).  In fact, I have never measured iron
once in my life.

4.  Once the plants are healthy, then we can deal (not
worry, mind you) with the algae.  And that is another

Good luck!


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