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Re: Foreground plants

> While we're all speaking of foreground plants, ie. potomagen (sp?)
> has anyone tried lizard's tail (S.cernus)?
> I've read that it will produce smaller leaves under water, adn seen pics of
> it with small leaves covering a foreground area.

It gets big. Baby plantlets can be used but I sure would not call it a
foreground plant. They get big and can become quite prolific. They also send
off runners and these can be smaller. Also depends on how you prune them at
the nodes and how far up you prune them. Use shape scissors, no fingers.
If they are smaller than 4-6 inches then your stunting them. In which case
you can have about any plant for the foreground.
But I use it close to the front with something like pearl grass under it or
gloss etc or in a row going towards the back of the tank vertically upwards
like a staircase.
 You should try Lobelia "dwarf" form. Slower growing and some of the
plantlets are tiny off of these. But leaving the stem still in the gravel
after topping, You get lots of tiny plantlets, much like Anubias stems with
mini plants all over it. This plant is slower growing and stays reasonably
short. Certainly a long term favorite. Perhaps a nicer choice for most
folks. Lizard tail gets big pretty fast. Not a bad thing if you want lots of
it. Makes a nice replacement for the sword plant or when you need a larger
leaf for contrast. Great plant when used with bushy small leafed plants. I
don't see many folks working with it here. Seems to be a Dutch tank plant
namely still. Perhaps folks will use it here more.
Neither plant is hard to grow and has a number of good uses for gardening.
Another one is Hottonia but is seems to get taller in many tanks and a bit
unruly. But it tends to stay small and looks something like H. difformis
except tiny. It likes NO3's so make sure there's some in there. Folks with
NO3 at 0 will not do well with this one at all. I tried to see.
Tom Barr 
> I've had some in a tank for about 3 months now and it finally is producing
> smaller leaves, so I added another emersed grown stem to transition.  They
> are in a lower lit tank, so the growth rates ar not optimal, but I didn't
> want to put them in the display tank until they had starting getting
> smaller.
> any experiences with this one?
> Joe
> Oklahoma City Aquarium Association