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[off topic] discus and water changes

Quick question for people that keep discus and do big
water changes.

Is there anyone here who uses *only* chlorine remover
with water that contains chloramine?

I have heard one individual say not to worry about the
ammonia because it is rapidly taken care of by the
biological filter.  But I am skeptical.  I know plenty
of people here use only Prime, Amquel, and Ammolock. 
So I am asking for people's experience, who use plain
old sodium thiosulfate.

I have learned that one can buy a lifetime supply of
the stuff for about 5$ at fishyfarmacy.com.  As it is
now, I go through a regular bottle (16oz) of amquel in
less than two months.  But as far as cost, from what
Mr. Purchase has said, it looks like Prime is a
cost-effective alternative.


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