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RE Radiation lesson & Electron tubes

Nice explanation, James Folsom.

I would add a couple of points xrays are high energy photons (but you
can call them rays).  Gamma rays are even higher energy photons.  As a
general rule, electron guns produce (very small amounts) of xrays
unavoidably and without much focus.  That's why your TV and computer
monitor have so much lead in the glass -- leading the glass is enough
to absorb or slow down the higher energy levels and make TV safe for a
lifetime of viewing pleasure.  Some electron guns tubes require
additional shielding here and there and if you ever look inside a TV
you might see a metal foil shield attached on the tube.

How bad xrays are for items in a package depends on how much exposure
(energy level and duration) the items get.  I never met an xray I
really liked.  High energy photons can strike and mess up DNA molecules
and thereby, potentially, goof up cell replication--the higher the
exposure, the higher the probability.

Repeated exposure can have ill effects on photographic film.

Scott H.

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