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Lysimachia nummularia v "Aurea"

OK Robert, I'll bite.

I MOed Lysimachia nummularia v "Aurea" when I set up my 92 gallon.  It is my
belief however, that they substituted the green one.  This is green not
golden ( and I didn't specify no substitutions).  Therefore I can speak for
the green variety if that is close enough?

It is pretty undemanding. It is under MH lighting but thanks to the cabomba,
ambulia and wisteria, it isn't getting much light.  The substrate is half
flourite, half plain gravel with laterite in the bottom third with substrate
cables.  The plant doesn't seem terribly aggressive unlike wisteria and
glosso which is everywhere.  It is cute.  It is currently in the middle
ground of the tank which seems like the correct location height-wise.   It
grows fairly slowly for a stem.

I am NOT a big fan of stems but think it has been a nice addition and not
the maintenance pain that many of the stems are.  As soon as I get rid of
this awful fuzzy green algae and get things more stabilized, I plan to
slowly visit my friendly composter with most of my stems but expect to keep
this one.

Oh, my tank is warm.  It stays close to 80. (Perhaps that is why I can't
grow Madagascar Lace...)