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Radiation lesson

Sorry to bring this up again.  But I think I can clarify the situation 
for everyone, once and for all.  

The technology to be used for pasteurizing mail will be provided by a 
company called SureBeam.  They will provide it through their parent 
company Titan.  

The technology is the same technology found in your TV, Monitor, 
electron microscope.  It is simply an electron gun.  Unfortuanately I 
have been unable to determine what range of acceleration voltages would 
be used.  The surebeam device is designed to penetrate the final 
packaging of the product.  Surebeam provides a device that is integrated 
into the process line.  This is different from gamma irradiation which 
requires a  specialized facility.

The electron beams can be used to generate a focused beam of x-rays as 
well.  So there is the option of using X-rays instead of electrons.

The process used by the postoffice will destroy photos and credit cards. 
 Also Baccillus anthracis spores are resistant to many killing 
processes.  I believe the Xray radiation needed to kill the spores will 
almost certaintly be lethal to all higher lifeforms. Though I am sure we 
won't have long before we know if it kills aquarium plants.  This could 
signal the end of slipping plants across state lines by mail unnoticed.