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Re: Dwarf Beljo Sword


Belyjo is an aquatic plant nursery in a St. Philippe, Quebec (St. Philippe
is a suburb of Montreal). They specialize in tissue culture and grow their
plants in water (as opposed to most other nurseries who do it
hydroponically) I guess that there are pluses and minuses for both
approaches, but Belyjo's plants are among some of the nicest and healthiest
aquatic plants I have ever seen.

Their selection is very limited, as they are still a small company and they
grow all of their own products. I'm not familiar with the exact plant you
bought, the literature I have from them is over a year old and the only
Sword Plant they had was E. cordifolius back then. The one they sent me was
pre-planted in a pot and very nice (as was everything else that they sent
me). It sounds like they might be branching out into more varieties now. The
plant you have was probably grown initially from a tissue culture and should
be totally healthy.

Good luck with it.

James Purchase