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Dwarf Beljo Sword

Hi everyone,
I recently bid and won a sword plant on Ebay. It is called a "Dwarf Beljo 
Sword" by the seller. It is described as a newly developed dwarf variety that 
grows to 3 inches maximum with a purple veining pattern on the leaves. It 
comes from Canada.

I got the sword today and it is pretty. Basically it looks like a baby 
Ozelot. A friend of mine who manages a LFS and is a plant guy also has been 
contacted by the company that growns these. So apparently they are real. He 
had heard the name of the plant.

Anyone have one of these? What do you think. I didn't spend much, so if I got 
ripped then it is not too big a deal. BTW, there is another for sale on Ebay 
right now. Do a search under "aquarium plants."