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Fun with fungi

Well I have suspected for years and finally took my Bolbitus down to the lab
and got the microscope out and sure enough... a ton of fungus. I've heard
this baloney for some time that says "there are no myhcorrhiza on aquatic
plants". I'm going to check other species of plants now to see. You just
cannot trust nobody anymore it seems:-)
Java fern, Anubias, water sprite, etc.
The sample was clear as a bell that they are present and heavily involved.
Hyphae and fruit everywhere going right into the roots.

What role do these play? What genera are they? My ferns grow like weeds.
What nutrient supply do these fungi provide to the plants? Which plants are
affected/infected? Can we remove the fungi to see if they have a positive
response or not? Do they taste good? Mummm:)

Tom Barr