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Re: CO2

> OK, if it is a small enough swing that it doesn't show up on a Tetra test
> kit wouldn't it be safe to assume that the swing is insignificant for what I
> am trying to do...getting the CO2 to a reasonable level for the plants to
> use?

No, get a better kit. A narrow range 6.0-7.2 or so with 0.2
steps/increments. Look at the chart and see the jumps between say 6.5 and
7.0 for pH. Now go down and look at the differences in the CO2 levels for
the same KH level. See the big difference?

I use a pH probe and make I get no stray currents that can affect readings
from pumps, lighting, Carbo plus units etc by turning them all off before I
take a measurement. Liquid or dry reagent test kits don't need to worry
about that. They are also cheaper(3-10$). The pH probe/monitor is really a
good device for taking measurements(about 80-90$). If your into making sure
things are good in this area or have a number of tanks, do lots of testing,
then these are invaluable. I highly recommend them. If your color blind,
then this is the only way to go.
Tom Barr