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Re: Potamogeton

> I think he meant potamogeton gayi.  I am having
> trouble finding a picture of this plant on the net.  I
> believe my plant is the same as on p52 of Nature
> Aquarium World Book 2.
> Anyone have this plant?  Any insights out there?
> The LFS said that this plant is often used as a
> centerpiece.  Does it get big and bushy?
> Arthur

It's a weed and half. Can get bushy. Not a centerpiece plant. A bushy group
stem plant perhaps. Nice to use around a base of a large center piece plant
though. It's easier than say hair grass, Gloss, etc to keep corralled. You
can use it as a tallish foreground plant also as it gets pretty darn dense.
Hummm, now I have a use for it. There's some tiny species out near here that
would be better for this. Perhaps I'll try this out. We need more foreground
Tom Barr