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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1369

>Hello.  I'm a new subscriber.  I joined to learn more about growing aquatic
>plants and to hear the experiences of other hobbyists.
>Maybe I've chosen a bad time, but most of the talk is about CO2 and the
>various ways of using it, radiation, and noisy filters, and almost nothing
>about plants themselves.

Well, all of the topics you noticed apply to keeping planted tanks.  We
cover every topic every day, but if you look back at the archives, there is
wealth of information.  If there is a specific topic you had in mind and
don't see it being discussed today, bring it up and I'm sure someone will be
happy to discuss it with you.

>Has the keeping of aquatic plants been simplified to the point where all
>needs is a good CO2 diffuser?