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Re: Subject: Best way to deal with Ich and Crypts and shrimp

Ted wrote:

"Subject: Best way to deal with Ich and Crypts and shrimp

Hello all,

I know that people have asked questions about Ich before, but, since there
seems to be new ich treatments out all the time, I thought I'd ask again.

I'd like to treat a small outbreak of ich in my discus tank, it's full of
crypts, cardinals and rummynose tetras, with a few amano shrimp too.

I'm worried that any medications i may use would hurt either the shrimp, the
crypts or the discus.

Does anyone have experience with FWP  (fresh water parasite medication)?



Sorry for the delay in reply, I've been out of touch with my email.  Ich is
not the problem, Ich is a symptom of another issue, probably water quality.
In general, Ich only attacks a weakened or stressed fish.  There are
medications that work on Ich, but it will return very soon if you don't
address the main problem.  The first thing to do is to improve the water
quality with water changes.  When you see an outbreak, do a massive water
change.  I recommend at least 50% on a daily basis until the ich begins to
go away.  If you didn't catch the outbreak right away, there are medications
that will help.  They should be used in addition to the massive water
changes.  My personal favorite is formalin II.  I use it at double strength
with no ill effect on my crypts, YMMV.

Good luck,

warren, MI