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followup on CO2 reactor

Roxanne,  FWIW my take on your latest questions are this

Inside tank - you have to hide it but if something leaks, you shouldn't have
to worry too much.  You have to purchase it.

Outside tank - you don't have to hide it in the tank but if something leaks,
then you get ugly looks from your spouse and if you don't already have it on
hand then you obviously have to purchase it also.

There are many of us out there using the canister approach and I've never
heard of any ill effects on the bacteria although I can certainly understand
your concern.  I was also concerned about that.

IMHO, you can solve this in a number of ways and they will all work.  All
the options you mentioned would solve it nicely I think. I have heard lots
of nice stuff about all the options you mentioned. Some are more efficient
than others but either way, CO2 is cheap.  I am not implying the canister is
most efficient, I don't know which is and have never tested any of them so I
would have no idea which is most efficient.   Therefore, IMHO, you should go
with whatever you are most comfortable with.

Hope that helps?

Daphne in Atlanta (Hey, my rams in the non-drug ick treatment program
spawned yesterday!)