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RE CO2 vs. KH testing

dberryman wrote, in part:

"So I have now proved to myself that the KH is in no way directly
affected by the swing in PH when the CO2 is altered and that the PH is
in no way directly affected by the swing in KH when the KH is altered."

Raising KH raises pH unless a counteractive is present, such as CO2
(actually the carbonic acid that it forms in water) -- one moves pH up;
the other moves it down -- but that's only so long as other things
being equal.

It sounds like you have a strong KH buffer, possibly from the plant
food, the substrate, the tap water itself.  Some buffers do their
buffering slowly so one wouldn't expect instant or necessarily hourly
changes for the buffering to be complete.

So if KH has appears to have nothing to do with pH in the conditions in
your tank, then something else is interfering with the KH and CO2
effects on pH.

Scott H.

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