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Re: Valisneria Seeds?

I was just giving my fish their dinner when I noticed lots of small white
particles floating around in the tank.  They looked almost like small air
bubbles but when I looked in the top of the tank, I saw that there were lots
of them floating on the surface. After searching for a source I found that
they were being released from my corkscrew val.  There was what looked like
a small flower stalk forming which was releasing them.  The end of the stalk
is transparent and I can see hundreds more of them inside.  I was wondering
if these could be seeds, and if they are could they be cultivated.  I
searched the krib, but only found info on actual flowering of vals.  Any
advice would be appreciated.


Those are flowers, specifically male flowers, not seeds.  Male flowers
break loose, rise to the surface and float away to come in contact with
female flowers that remain attached by long, thin, coiled stems.  After
fertilization, the stems of the female flowers coil and pull them under,
where they develop into a bananna-like fruit full of small seeds.
Vallisneria plants are either male or female; you never have both sexes in
the same plant.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi with the first freeze warning of the
season tonight.