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Re: radiating mail

>>Exposure to ionizing radiation is actually a fairly common means of
parasites and pathogens in plant-type (fruits/vegetables) food products. As
I had mentioned in a previous message, it is also commonly used on grain
products to prevent sprouting while in transit or storage. It does not make
the food radioactive, it's more akin to giving the food a really strong

If it kills parasites and pathogens and prevents sprouting in grain, then
we can be quite sure that it is going to badly damage or kill aquarium
plants.  Irradiated vegetables may be fresh and edible, but, I bet they
will not be capable of growth.  Irradiated grain will be fine as a food
source, but it would not be usable as seed grain.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi with the first freeze warning of the
season tonight.