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Re: Japanese rush plants

>>According to one
of Karen Randall's Aquarium Frontier's articles
(http://www.animalnetwork.com/fish2/aqfm/1999/aug/aquatic/default.asp), B.
aubertii has sharply pointed narrow lanceolate leaves. And, acording to
Karen's article, all of the Blyxia species are true aquatics, although the
flowers are emergent. This description matches the photo on the commercial
site listed above better than it does to the photos on the other sites.<<

Thanks James, that was my biggest concern if they were aquatic or not. I
have access to pictures of them. I will probably then pick up some of these
in a week or two. Anyone interested? One is a dwarf specie, suitable for the
foreground or middleground, the other is a tall, thickly growing background
plant.  Supposedly Amano uses these, but I dont see them in the one book of
his I have... be a nice touch for an Asian biotope.

Robert Paul Hudson