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Re: Japanese rush (Blyxa)

I have two species of Blyxa in my tank.  I got both at
the Aquarium Center outside of Baltimore.  

Look in Baensch 2.  One of the ones I have looks like
what is labeled as B. aubertii on the third link down
James provided.  It also looks like what is labeled as
B. echinosperma in Baensch 2.  My plants are not
pinkish at all as in the top two links and what is
labeled as B. aubertii in Baensch 2.  I'm confused.  
It is a very beautiful plant though.  I'll get more
when I have some money to spare.  The leaves are not
cylindrical.  Think of something like Vallisneria with
brighter green, pointier leaves.  

The other one was sold to me as japonica.  Mine did
have the longer, lighter green leaves shown in the
photos when I first got it, but now grows slightly
darker, vibrant green leaves and has only gotten maybe
3 inches tall.  It grows as a sort of rosette like
bunch of leaves at the end of a short stem.  A bunch
of side shoots like this have grown on all the plants.
Hardly a fast grower!  

Both are doing well at 6-7 dGH, 4 dKH, PH 6.6-6.8,
high light.  Both very worth your time to seek out. 


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