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A Number of Questions about Filters & CO2

Hi everybody,

I am relatively new to keeping plants in aquariums. I prefer small fish, espescially small schooling fish and I originally started keeping plants as a backdrop for the fish. Needless to say I have been drawn further into Aquatic gardening. I have a few questions.

  First, I want to know what types of filters you would recommend. Right now I have five tanks set up that are using power filters that hang on the back of the tank. Four are biowheel filters and one is a whisper filter. I plan on setting up a 30 gallon long soon and wanted to purchase a good filter for it. 

  Second, I have just started to use CO2 and am experimenting with a few options. 

1)One 10 gallon tank has a DIY set up that is feeding into the intake of the whisper filter. 

2)A 20 gallon tank has DIY C02 that is feeding into a Dannerle Flipper. It says that this setup does not require any motorization but it does not really appear to be working very well without it. 

3)I have just purchased the Bioplast Nutrifex CO2 system from Arizona Aquatic Gardens and have set it up in the above tank. Does anyone have any experience w/the effectiveness of this system? It seems that w/out any type of motorization the CO2 won't really get distributed to any of the plants. 

I have just started using CO2 so I haven't had time to really get any results yet. For the new 30 long I plan to purchase the system offered by Dave Gomberg. I plan to use DIY CO2 for my remaining tanks that are without it now. One is 25 gallons and the rest are 10 and under. 
I just ordered the power reactor from the Plant Guild and if that works out fine I will get it for all of my tanks. 

All of my tanks, but one have a flourite substrate and have at least 2 watts of light(mostly from AHSupply kits). I  use a Black water extract in all but one tank.

I would appreciate any advice on the subject.