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re: radiating mail

Bill Wichers writes:
> UV is probably an unlikely choice since it won't penetrate the package. It
> would kill anything on the surface, but not inside. I suppose if they are
> only looking to protect their employees this may be enough, but their plan
> would probably be to prevent disease-causing agents to be shipped at all.

I was only half listening last night as I was preparing dinner,  as one of
the cable news networks was interviewing the company that makes this

UV does annoy anthrax, from what the news was saying. If you were to shine
UV on a sample of soil, supposedly the anthrax will migrate to an area that
isn't being exposed to UV.

This machine we are hearing about is _not_ a UV machine. This machine uses
isotopes of some kind to treat whatever is in question; the kind of
radiation where they take precautions to protect employees who work in the
facilities. Densities and durations are dependent on what they are
"cooking". Further, I seem to recall that it has little ability to linger
on/in whatever has been through this process. Currently it is used on
veggies and certain meats to reduce the chances of food-borne illnesses.