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CO2 Reactors

Roxanne Bittman wrote:

>M3 also has some nice pump driven examples:
http://www.marine-monsters.com/  (click on CO2, and go to the bottom to

>See the AB1000 and the Turbo Jet in particular.  They also have a neat
German passive system with a membrane which is not on the website.

>Anyone have experience with any of these devices?

The reactors you mention both seem to perform more than just mixing CO2 and
water; they appear to be designed to hold bio-balls or other media.  Since
you already have a cannister filter, and you only want a good way to
dissolve CO2, take a look at the "Mixer J.," on the same page.  I have used
one for a year now and been very pleased with it.  It is completely
effective in dissolving CO2, and it makes a perfectly adequate bubble
counter as well.  It's passive, the water flow being driven by the cannister
filter, so it's not a "plug-in."

The only drawback may be the price of $75, which is a lot, it seems to me
for a plastic jar with some holes, tubes, and screw-on lid.  But the AB1000
you were looking at costs even more, so perhaps the price won't deter you.

John T. Fitch
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