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Re: radiating mail

>>UV is probably an unlikely choice since it won't penetrate the package. It
would kill anything on the surface, but not inside. I suppose if they are
only looking to protect their employees this may be enough, but their plan
would probably be to prevent disease-causing agents to be shipped at all.<<

I do not think their goal is to kill anything inside the package, but the
outside. Several of the Anthrax cases, and all the recent ones were from the
outside of the package or envelope. This is how all the mail
carriers/handlers become infected from simply handing the packages. They are
trying to protect the mail handlers, not nessarily the recipient of the
mail. Think about it logically, there are hundreds if not thousands of
various food products shipped by mail, do you really think they would
irradiate these? I am pretty sure Rachel is correct, it is UV or something
very similar.

Robert Paul Hudson