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Best CO2 Reactor

I have searched the archives, the Krib, and still have not found the advice I need, so I am turning to the list; please don't get impatient since this is a question that has indeed come up before!

I seek the best CO2 reactor for my 40 gal aquarium.  I have been using an ADA style scintered glass passive diffuser up until now.  I am only moderately happy with it since 1) CO2 does reach the surface and some is surely lost and 2) it gets dirty all the time and is a pain to clean (you can immerse it in chlorox and water, but cleaning is never complete and you can ruin the filter if you "scrub" it), and 3) the CO2 is not really dispersed throughout the aquarium this way, it is concentrated in one area.  I use an Eheim cannister as a filter and the outflow is not particularly strong, esp. when it's at all dirty.

There are many choices out there.  Ideally, I would like to avoid yet another plug-in device, but I realize this may not be possible.  I am not wild about simply sticking the CO2 outlet into the cannister inlet, since I have read in the Archives that this isn't too efficient either.

So, for a medium sized aquarium, full of fast-growing plants (I am a sucker for the Rotalas, Hygrophilas, etc. that need lots of trimming), what is your most favorite CO2 reactor?

Since  I have neither the time nor the skill to make something myself, please don't inundate me with DIY suggestions; I have the utmost respect for all of you DIYers but that's not for me.

Roxanne Bittman