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Re: Dangers of sending plants through the mail

>>Last night on the news they were talking about possibly installing
machines at the post offices in the US that would irradiate all the mail
going through, to kill any Anthrax or other nasties. If it's enough to
kill Anthrax, I can only imagine what it would do to fish or plants. :-(
I just thought I'd let everybody know, to prevent any nasty suprises<<

Highly doubtfull, in fact I am certain it would have no affect on plants
whatsoever. There are all sorts of perishables sent by mail, including
frozen meats and processed foods. The company that makes this device the
post office will use is based right here in Oregon. I forget what this
device is exactly, I too saw it on the news, and they went into it in much
detail here since it is a local company, but its not radiation, and I dont
think it is possible it could hurt a plant or a fish. Its some new
technology never used before...if I could remember the details, I would
share them with you.

There is a certain amount of panic out there amoung many people, and this
Anthrax scare certainly doesnt help any, but the mail service is operating
and being delivered at pretty much normal. I think most people are very
understanding and patient with what is going on. Unless you live in
Washington DC or work at a network news station, I do not think you have
much to worry about.

Robert Paul Hudson