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Re :Trickle filter & nitrate

Francesco wrote :
>Why anyway are you so concerned about using trickle filters?
Well I'm not concerned about using trickle filters, it was only 
a question on a topic and I was interested in it. Actually, 
I'm using canister filter (Eheim 2213) and don't think about changing it.

>I can't really see why a trickle filter should burn nitrate 
>better than ,lets say a cannister filter...
Ok, I think You're right but what can decrease or burn the nitrate 
in theese filters? I know that Nitrossomonas bacteria changes 
the ammonia to nitrIte and Nitrobacter bacteria forms 
nitrIte to nitrAte. But what can break down nitrAte to NO, N2O 
and N2 especially in trickle filters. As I think trickle filter 
should be a nitrate factory but many discussions (and measurings)
state on the net that they are effective "nitrAte remover".



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