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Re: Plant Guild reactor

I am using the Plant Guild reactor and would recommend it.  It is a well
made product and does what it is advertised as doing and even the suction
cups work well.  Mine is set up in the corner of the tank and is completely
hidden by thread leaf water sprite.  I recently decided to increase
circulation in the tank with the addition of a Rio 400 placed a couple of
inches below the reactor and pointing along the back of the tank which may,
or may not, help to distrubute CO2 around the tank.  I have a cheap plastic
bubble counter and find it very helpful as it would be difficult, at best,
to count bubbles in the reactor.   It is a pricey piece of plastic, but will
do the job nicely if you are not inclined to make your own, as I wasn't.

I believe that Tom Barr has designed a similar product with some
modification but do not know who is selling it?  Tom?

Jay Reeves

> ------------------------------
> I'm currently feeding my C02 into my AC500 intake tube.  Effectiveness is
questionable, and
> the noise is irritating.
> I'm thinking about purchasing this product:
> http://www.familychest.com/plantguild/html/power_reactors.html
> The price seems reasonable when you add up all the odds and ends you'd
need to create your
> own, and it is fairly small and slick looking.
> Does anyone have any experience with this company  (re: reliability)
and/or this type of
> reactor (re: effectiveness.)