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RE: Trickle filter & nitrate

Endre wrote:	

>Hi Aquatic Plant People,

>my name is Endre and live in Hungary, Central Europe and apologize for my 
>poor English in advance. I've been reading Your mails for months, but 
>haven't written anything yet. On one of the aquatic topics in my country 
>came up a question, but nobody could answer it. How can trickle filter 
>decrease nitrate level in the tank or can it do at all ? I would be 
>pleased if You could answer.

>Best regards,


Hi Hendre...

I'm Francesco from Rome, Italy.
This is my very first time writing on the list too!

I can't really see why a trickle filter should burn nitrate 
better than ,lets say a cannister filter...
They both work through aerobic bacteria that process aquarium
waste mainly in nitrite as a first step, then in nitrate.
But to process nitrate into something else(ammonium gas for example)
you actually need some kind of anaerobic media since the process
is done by anaerobic bacteria.

Why anyway are you so concerned about using trickle filters?

What i know for sure about it is that is going to oxidate
faster all your exepensive fertilizers.