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RE: Sick fish - advice requested!

Beverly wrote "Subject: Sick fish - advice requested!

I noticed last night that one of my guppies has white
furry spots on his fins, which are severely damaged.
The spots are only on the fins.  The other fish (sae,
neons) seem fine.  One other guppy has a possible

I did a 50% water change (29 gallon tank), added 1
tblspn of aquarium salt and aerated the tank.  I
tested water first and got an ammonia reading, which
is normally 0."


Furry spots?  My speculation is that your guppy has fungus growing on fin
wounds.  Something is nipping at him.  I'm assuming it is a male guppy that
is "sick".  The males are normally subjected to abuse before the females
because the males have big, cumbersome tails that slow them down and make
them targets for abuse in a community tank.  Kudos for checking the ammonia
AND having it read 0.  And more kudos for doing a big water change.  That is
the right solution for most fish ailments, but I don't think this is a water
quality issue.

The salt is a good idea.  If it's not too far along, this is probably the
best solution.  The other healthy fish should not contract the fungus,
either with or without treatment.  Fungus will attack a weak fish at the
wounded area.  My guess is that the Neons are the cause of the abuse.
Guppies are wonderful animals, but IMO are not candidates to be mixed with
other species, except maybe Corydoras.  The rest of the male guppies will
probably share this ones fate if the guppies remain in the tank with the

If it were my fish, I would probably euthanase it.  You don't have a
hospital tank and the fish might not get better even if you did have one.
Check the archives for suggestions or contact me off-line if you don't know
how to do this.  I'd rather put the fish down than come home from work to a
half eaten carcass.  Don't put him in a jar or an in-the-tank "recovery
home" - these are methods for certain, slow deaths.

Good luck,

newellcr at yahoo_com