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Re: hargrass

> I wonder if I have a bit too much light... I have
> 96wx4 over a 135, with the good reflectors.  Maybe
> that is keeping it shorter.  Anyway, I'll be patient
> and see what happens.

That's fine light for the grass.

> I haven't added any N or P to my tanks in a long time,
> ever since I had a BGA outbreak a year ago.  I haven't
> really had the need because of heavy feeding of
> discuc.

IME food doesn't add enough PO4, it mostly NO3/NH4/urea etc.
That's fine and your plants will fine like that but will do better with some
extra PO4. Good CO2 and real decent filter(large cansiters or wet/drys are
good for NH4/urea->NO3 fast).

  But maybe I will give it a try....I recently
> started adding some potash, so I guess I have a
> hankerin' for tinkerin' right now.  Instead of just
> the usual TMG & Flourish.
Generally, K will always help out. Some PO4 will also, but you simply have
to have good CO2 levels to do this.
> Can anyone point me to a pic of an American tank with
> *nice* acicularis?

Oct 2001, TFH. My tank. It's E. parvulus. E acicularis is about 2-3 times
taller but can make a nice contrast with parvulus poking out above it. I
would say if you let them run their course the acicularis would win the
race. There are some photo's of acicularis in that same tank if you serach
Richard Sexton's sites for plants under Crypt walkeri x usteriana "Alexi
Hybrid". The taller grass with Riccia stuck in it is the acicularis.
If I had a Digital camera I could take some photo's but $ is a rough thing
to come by for luxury items like that right now.
Tom Barr 
> Arthur