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javafern turning brown and dying

I've had java fern die off to the point that I thought
it would never return only to see it send out leaves from
the 'dead matter' within three weeks.

this happened just after i received the fern in trade
followed shortly after by a massive nitrate and potassium
deficiency as I had boosted lighting and CO2 but not
supplemented any macronutrients.

It looked to me as if the fern recovered after it
anchored itself to the driftwood, and despite a
few recurrences of my earlier problems it has never
re-melted. The other plants (crypts, hygro, and a
foxtail like thing) melted or dropped old leaves like

I wouldn't lose hope. Assuming everything is in balance
(NO3, K, trace) your fern may well recover. I'm not
sure If I could kill this plant if i tried.

btw, anyone wants some java fern in trade? I could
send one or two small clumps.

 Brian Harmon  http://msg.ucsf.edu/~harmon/fish.html