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Re: Sylvania ballast failure -32 IS

>About a year ago, I got a Sylvania Quicktronic QT
>2x32/120 IS from a local elctrical supply store and
>wired it into a twin tube Perfecto strip light to run
>two Zoomed T8s.  It has worked well that way for some
>time now.  Recently, the bulbs only light up half way
>and the ballast makes a high pitched buzzing sound. 
>After only a year?!  I called the electrical store and
>described the problem and the guy said it might be
>because I'm running aquarium bulbs.  I think he's full
>of it.  I can't find the receipt, so I'll need to be
>prepared when I take the whole thing in. Does anyone
>think they should replace it?

Sounds like a bad transformer in the switcher, although it is possible that
one of the active components in the ballast is bad and is misdriving the
transformer. I've seen switching power supplies (and eletronic ballasts are
basically switching power supplies) fail in a "whining" way before when the
circuitry dies in such a way as to produce an incorrect waveform on the
transformer's input.

If your ballast is still under warranty and if it did not state that there
were x bulbs that it shouldn't be used to drive, you should get it
replaced. I am not aware of any aquarium bulbs requiring special ballasts
beyond that which is required to operate the type of lamp (T8, PC, VHO,
etc.) in question.


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