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Re: hairgrass

> THe stuff I have I obtained from Florida Aquatic
> Nurseries, and was labeled as Acicularis.  The
> original stock is fairly tall (3 inches).  It's just
> the runners that are very short.

The stuff in the pool is about 5-7 inches tall. It's a touch thicker than
parvulus and not so fine hair like. E pavulus tends not to do well emmersed
IME. EA does.
> I have this stuff growing with glosso.  The glosso is
> doing great.  The acicularis is spreading, but with
> short runners, as I previously stated.

I've had mine with gloss in the past. They both did fine. Gloss fills in and
starts faster.
I have one tank that's a gloss and another that's a hair. They do not get
treated any different.
> I want great results, not so-so results.  I want a
> thick lush lawn of acicularis.  Maybe my temp is too
> high (84deg) for this plant.  Any thoughts on that?

No and no that's not it. Try again. I've been growing it for a long time
now. There's nothing special about it. Even DIY cheap tanks did/do quite
well. Try adding some onyx about 3 inches deep, good CO2 a fair amount of
light(I've grown it at 1.6 watts of light), low fish load, snails, shrimps,
add KNO3, KH2PO4, K2SO4, traces (all as needed), do your weekly water
changes and wait. More light will produce shorter growth. It got about 5-6
inches at 1.6 and about 1 inch at 7 watts. Best looking seems to be about
3-4 watts like most plants. No special hair gel for the hairgrass. It takes
a bit of time to get going. It'll fill in later.
Be patient. It's worth it. Go back and make sure everything is well kept up
on like the CO2, NO3, PO4, traces and K. I add K once a week along with
Amquel during the water change. I also add KH2PO4 during this time and
Traces. The following day in goes the KNO3. A day or two later more PO4,
traces. The following day KNO3. Cycles run about 2-3 days in between
additions. It's pretty easy to feed your fish and sprinkle in a little KNO3
or the traces and PO4 at the same time. The weekend comes along and do your
quicky water change. Clean the filter sometime and prune as needed(truly the
hard part but fun once your actually doing it).
That's about it beside using a comb to remove detritus or junk that might
get in it(Riccia, Moss, dirt, hair algae etc).
Tom Barr
> Arthur