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Re: Big Al's

Scott wrote,

> For what it's worth:
> I placed an order with Big Al's Online on Friday and received an order
> confirmation that day.  Today, Wednesday I received a notice that the
> order was approved and I should expect delivery within the next 5
> working days.  Presumably, as of today, the order has been assembled
> and packed and passed to shipping -- and after only three business
> days!  This is the slowest service I can remember receiving from an
> on-line operation.
> I suspect that they haven't really converted fully to a computerized
> order-inventory-shipping system.  I'm guessing that the on-line orders
> are manually printed and from then on it's just like an old-fashioned
> mail order, non-computerized operation. And when the staff get the
> chance, they manually email after-order notices, adjust inventory
> records, etc.  If you click on the CONTACT button on the home web page,
> you are taken to a page with a telephone number -- and that's the only
> contact, by  telephone.
> The web site itself seemed especially slow the several times I have
> accessed it, even when accessed via a T3 line.
> But speed isn't everything.  The price was certainly right for what I
> ordered -- half of what other discount on-line stores are charging.
> Most other items I perused seemed to be discounted about the same,
> overall, as other discount on-line stores.
> Scott H.

As a regular customer of Big Al's and also knowing the owner of the company
as I do (Al S. is really a great guy) I find the company service to be far
and above what I have found for most other companies. As for the fact that
the contact is by a phone number I would rather have that than some e-mail
address that I have to wait to receive a reply to my complaint.

I will admit the fact that I live in Toronto, where 2 of his stores are
located means that I can usually go and get what I want, but sometimes I do
order on-line to save the trip and have never had a problem that was not
immediately rectified. Their customer service staff go far above what it
takes to keep me happy.

I would recommend that company to anyone who has ever thought about
purchasing on-line.

Ross Chapman

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