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Re: hairgrass

>>You sure? Sure it's not E. parvulus? E. acicularis
grows outside here in large pools, it different than
the so called dwarf hairgrass we have in our

THe stuff I have I obtained from Florida Aquatic
Nurseries, and was labeled as Acicularis.  The
original stock is fairly tall (3 inches).  It's just
the runners that are very short.

>>Not sure why so many have such a big issue with this
plant. It's like the rest of them, gloss,
pearlgrasses, Riccia, Maselia, Lilopsis etc. Just
have fish that pick on it like Barbs, flagfish, big
fish that will upset runners.<<

I have this stuff growing with glosso.  The glosso is
doing great.  The acicularis is spreading, but with
short runners, as I previously stated.

I want great results, not so-so results.  I want a
thick lush lawn of acicularis.  Maybe my temp is too
high (84deg) for this plant.  Any thoughts on that?


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