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Re: Big Al's

You will not be disappointed with Big Als. I have bought hundreds of dollars 
of supplies from them, always with reasonable shipping time and great prices. 
Where else can you buy an Eheim Professional II model 2028 fully packed with 
all media for $175 US. I also buy all my TMG from them, as they have the best 
prices on this anywhere. Here's an example of good customer service. A couple 
orders ago Daphne (from this list) and I ordered TMG together. We ordered a 
total of nine 500 ml bottles. When the box arrived a few days after placing 
the order, we had been sent eighteen 250 ml botles instead because Big Als 
was out of the 500 ml size. They could have backordered us if they had chosen 
but completed our order and lost the extra money they could have made on the 
sale of the smaller sizes. They have never given me any reason to be 
dissatisfied. Don't worry about a litle extra time. Good customer service is 
the key, at least for me.