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Re: Big Al's

>>"I placed an order with Big Al's Online on Friday... This is the slowest
>>service I can remember receiving from an on-line operation."

>Could the problem be more with your expectations than with the speed of
>their service? I notice that you also mention the slowness of their web
>companies staffed by real employees and with a mail system which is
>currently in crisis.

I recently ordered some electronics from a company, and was frustrated that
it took 3 business days for them to  ship and email a tracking number.  I
called to ask what the slowdown was, and they said they were 2 blocks from
the WTC, and were close down for over two weeks, which caused a major order
back log, since their web site was up and taking orders that whole time.  :/

Considering the current state of things, perhaps a little tolerance is in
order.  Starting with myself.