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Re: Big Al's

Scott H. wrote:
"I placed an order with Big Al's Online on Friday... This is the slowest
service I can remember receiving from an on-line operation."

Could the problem be more with your expectations than with the speed of
their service? I notice that you also mention the slowness of their web
site, even though you have a T3 line. That slowness could be due to any
number of reasons, most totally beyond the control of the company in

I know that in these days of "intstant this" and "instant that" we sometimes
get frustrated when something doesn't happen as and when we might wish, but
until some company starts selling  "Transporter Devices" or you you can go
to your local appliance store and buy a "Replicator Device", we are all
going to have to learn to exercise a bit of patience when dealing with real
companies staffed by real employees and with a mail system which is
currently in crisis.


James Purchase