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Re: Sylvania Quicktronic 32 Electric Ballasts

> I was on the Sylvania website looking for electronic ballasts for a T-8
lighting system.  Has anyone used the
> Quicktronic electric ballasts.  Specifically I'm looking at either the
SYSTEM 32 PLUS which has a 120% ballast
> factor or the SYSTEM 32IS which has a 90% ballast factor.  I'm wanting to
use 5 lamps.  I think the best way to
> go would be a 3 lamp ballast and a two lamp ballast. Or I could get two 3
lamp ballasts and have the option of
> adding another bulb later. I'm looking for any opinions on the
> Will the Quicktronic work with other bulbs or just the OCTRON bulbs.
Shouldn't any T-8 bulb work?

I set up my 350 litre tank with Quicktronic ballasts, specifically a
Quicktronic Professional QTP-2x36/230-240 driving a pair of 4' T-8 globes (a
Hagen Aqua Glo, and a Coralife 10000K), and a Quicktronic Professional
QTP-2x58/230-240, which I used to drive a pair of 55W PCFs.

The QTP-2x58/230-240 is supposed to be used with 6' T-8's, but works fine
with the PFCs.  Osram/Sylvania do make ballasts specifically for PCFs, but
they weren't available locally when I was searching.

I'm very impressed with the Quicktronic ballasts.  They work well, start
reliably, and run very cool.  I'm sure their 110V ones are similar in
performance.  The only change I plan on making to my lighting is to ditch
the T-8s when they wear out, and substitute another pair of 55W PCFs.  I'm
sure you'll find the quicktronic ballasts work fine with any T-8 bulb.

I've got a couple of photos of my hood on my website -
http://www.suzyj.net/four_foot_technical.html - info on all our aquariums
are on http://www.suzyj.net/aquarium.html

Best of luck,


Suzy Jackson    http://www.suzyj.net    suzyj at suzyj_net