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eheim diffusor tubing connections

Hey all,
I just purchased an Eheim diffusor and am wondering if any one has any 
suggestions for adapting the normal size tubing (pardon lack of dimensions, 
but I currently use two sizes now from ERO needle valve which runs into a 
brass inverted "pyramid".  I use a thicker medical supply line (like what 
doctors use to bind arms for testing blood pressure) then have that spliced 
into (using shrink tape) a blue plastic CO2 hosing that is wider than 
regular aquarium style air line hosing.  The eheim hosing is "Much" smaller. 
  I have put together a connector that i "think" is not leaking off air, but 
I can't seem to see any bubble formation at diffusor.  I am thinking that i 
am not getting any air flow through the connections or the thin air line.

BTW, I am using cylinder CO2 with dual gauges before the needle valve.
Press at 10K down to approx 15 at gauges.

I know that others have mentioned sim problems, but i could find no answers 
in the archives.

thanks in advnce

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