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Re:CO2 tubing

> More generally, has anyone had experience with "air/CO2" hoses (vinyl,
> rubber, or whatever) cracking under any cirucmstances?  And if so, how
> old were the hoses.
> Scott H.

I've never had it happen. Stiffening yes, cracking no. This also happens on
airline that doesn't have pure CO2 going into it. Silicone seems fine and I
personally would not pay for the 1-2$ a ft stuff. Low pressures, good flow
rates, decent rubber thickness etc ....it seems to me like a ploy to sell
you something extra at an added cost. If it is really useful or convenient
okay, but this is not one bit on either nor reasonably priced.
I think I did the math and came out it would take about 10 years for the
tubing to pay for itself based on _THEIR_ loss rate estimations. I'm willing
to bet my own loss rates are far lower than their assumptions. And what are
those assumptions? Where do those stat's come from?