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Sylvania Quicktronic 32 Electric Ballasts

I was on the Sylvania website looking for electronic ballasts for a T-8 lighting system.  Has anyone used the Quicktronic electric ballasts.  Specifically I'm looking at either the SYSTEM 32 PLUS which has a 120% ballast factor or the SYSTEM 32IS which has a 90% ballast factor.  I'm wanting to use 5 lamps.  I think the best way to go would be a 3 lamp ballast and a two lamp ballast. Or I could get two 3 lamp ballasts and have the option of adding another bulb later. I'm looking for any opinions on the QUICKTRONICS.

Will the Quicktronic work with other bulbs or just the OCTRON bulbs.  Shouldn't any T-8 bulb work?



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