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Re: Onyx vs Flourite

I have tanks set up with both Flourite and Onyx and can honestly say that
whichever one you choose should be based on a combination of what your
tapwater is like and what "color" you like your substrate. Flourite won't
affect water parameters, Onyx will slightly increase both GH and KH, so if
you have really soft water, Onyx might be the better choice. Conversely, if
you have "liquid rock" coming from your tap, you might want to stick with
Flourite. But the effect of Onyx on water parameters is minimal, certainly
not like if you used crushed marble or limestone as a substrate. Toronto
water is moderately hard and I have both Discus and Dwarf Rams in the tank
which contains Onyx. The fish don't seem to mind (the Rams breed regularly)
the extra buffering.

Plants love both - if anything, I think that Onyx might even have the edge -
the tank with Onyx is an absolute jungle (of course, having 7 watts/gal of
MH lighting might help, a bit......).

Seachem definately has two winners on their hands with Flourite and Onyx

James Purchase