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Cloudy Tank

Never a dull moment in the world of planted tanks!
I did a major water change in my 72 gallon tank last night (using my new
sump pump setup, which will be great once I figure out how to get all the
hoses to stop popping out & spraying water all over the kitchen and living
room). I probably changed about 125% of the water, because after I'd taken
about 40-50 gallons out, I started filling it while still sucking out more
stuff. Before the lights went out at 10:15, the water was crystal clear -
the fish seemed to be suspended in the air.

This morning, when the lights went back on at 11:15, the tank was distincly
cloudy. What grows in the dark? The cloudiness seemed to be kind of tan -
not green or white. Now, 4 hours later, it seems to be clearing up. What
grows in the dark and dies in the light?

Tank params: 72 gallon, 220W AH supply light, tank of CO2. pH = 6.8-7.0,
KH=GH=4.5, Nitrate 5-10ppm from 1/2t KNO3, also added 1t K2SO4. Flourish and
Flourish iron added 1ml/day.

Any ideas?