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RE 2G11 and GY10q base CF bulbs

mike heerman <triggerfish80 at go_com> asked:
"I have compact fluorescents with a 2G11 base (four pins in a row.  Can
I use 
GY10q base bulbs (four pins in a
square) by changing the endcaps? The ballasts work for both right?  Is
there a 
place to find both styles of endcaps?"

Yes you can, PROVIDED THAT that the bulbs are alike in terms of wattage
(easy to determine) and voltage requirements (harder to determine) and
you match the right pins when going from 2G11 to GY10q or back.  The
four pins on either type of bulb are the contacts for a pair of
filaments, one filament in each glass end of the flourescent tube.  PCs
are usually folded in half so both tube "ends" are on the same end of
the bulb.   The ballast heats the filaments and then sends a high
voltage (several hundred volts) spike which arcs across the lamp,
through the gas inside which is conductive because it contains
vaporized mercury.  The ballast doesn't care what geometric arrangement
the pins are in, only that the proper wires go to the proper pins.

If the bulbs are the same dimensions and rated for the same wattage,
they should light effectively with the same ballasts.

Scott H.

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