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RE: CO2 - tubing and filter questions

IMO.  The only ones that can seriously advocate the use of special "CO2
resistant" tubing for our aquarium use are the ones that sell it for
$.99/foot.  I assume the diffusion rates quoted for some tubing is at
much higher pressure than the 1 or 2 PSI we use.  
I have fairly long runs of both vinyl and silocone tubing (my personal
preference) in use for over a year with no noticeable dedregation.  My
main system uses 1/4-inch comercial rubber air hose at 20 PSI to feed a
manifold.  No problems there either.  
The up side is convenience and lower cost.  But if after spending big $$
for a CO2 system, if a few $$ more gives you a little more confidence,
then go for it.
Lyndle Schenck
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