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Re: Isoetes

>>Robert Hudson had asked about the issue of how much CO2 plants can obtain
from the soil/substrate vs the water column. Well plants like the soft water
Isoetes group gets 60-100% from their roots. One of it's terrestrial genera
has no stomata at all(Stylites andicola)! It gets all of it's CO2 from the
ground only. That's weird......<<

Tom, that was like two months ago! But since I have your attention... I was
reading some material about photosynthesis, and it was discussing a type of
bacteria that photosynthesises hydrogen sulfide instead of O2...I forget the
name of the bacteria, I'dhave to check my notes...wait here it is,
archaebacteria: mud dwelling bacteria releases rotten egg smell when
releasing sulfide instead of oxygen.  Is this bacteria present in aquariums
when we have a sulfide build up?

Robert Paul H
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