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re: Thoughts on yeast CO2 reactors

> Subject: re:  Thoughts on yeast CO2 reactors
> The acidity of the soda pop will kill the yeast, this much I know from
> baking.
> My question is how to keep the yeast warm enough at night so it doesn't
> 1/2 a day to start producing CO2 again?  My house drops to about 60
> at night during the winter (we have wood heat).
> Terry

I placed my 3 bottles into a 10 gallon tank filled it with water and plopped
a small heater and power head into the mix. I keep the tank at a cozy 73-75
degrees F all winter long. The power head keeps the temp even and the water
from going stagnent.. Only problem was at first they floated a bit. But I
learned to only fill the tank to the same level as the level of mix that is
in the bottles.