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re: Thoughts on yeast CO2 reactors

The acidity of the soda pop will kill the yeast, this much I know from

My question is how to keep the yeast warm enough at night so it doesn't take
1/2 a day to start producing CO2 again?  My house drops to about 60 degrees
at night during the winter (we have wood heat).


>It just occurred to me: if you're making a yeast CO2 reactor out of a
soda bottle, you might not even have to wait until the bottle is empty.
For all intents and purposes, most soda seems to be carbonated water with
sugar. The sugar would fuel the yeast, and the carbonation--well, the
whole purpose of this is to generate CO2, after all!!!

So maybe Coke for your fish tank might not be so bad of an idea after
all. Just put it in your CO2 reactor, not the tank!

Any comments, flames, etc.?