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Re: Excel

I tried Excel in my high light 30 for a while to try
to help the yeast bottles match the high co2 need. 
Didn't seem to help (a pressurized system did).  

But, I have a low light, low tech 20 long that is home
for 2 Steatocranus tinanti, a couple danios, a bunch
of java ferns, and a bit of moss.  I was having
recurring problems with BGA.  More water changes
didn't help.  Then, I started adding Excel and it
hasn't come back.  The ferns are doing better as well,
and not just kind of sitting there like before.  Some
leaves look kind of chalky (not many) but I think that
will improve if I add iron.  So, in my experience,
Excel works well in low tech setups.  Not for high
light situations, but I'm not sure it was intended for


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